Nikolai Matthews

Nikolai Matthews


Nikolai Matthews is an Oslo-bas(s)ed double bass player. He appreciates low frequencies more than high, and therefore started playing bass. Even after 22 years of bass playing he doesn’t regret that decision. He is active in all kinds of groups and orchestras. He finds chamber music to be the most fun because of the possibility and necessity to communicate very actively both musically and verbally. In his time off he tries not to talk too much, focuses on raising his kids to become good critical thinkers, and enjoys his guilty pleasure of chips and guacamole on average 3 times per week. He previously had the space to brew his own beer, but currently lacks the kitchen facilities.

He owns two basses, one 4-string and one 5-string. Had he only bought one he might have had better kitchen facilities.

His current main priorities of bass playing are the chamber orchestra Ensemble Allegria, the PODIUM festival in Haugesund (co-artistic director), Krantz (a chamber music concert series in Oslo), Arctic Philharmonic (for orchestral gigs; seriously great bass section) and Wooden Elephant (a Trojan horse created by Ian Anderson which plays music by giants through an augmented string quintet).